If you love the connection and 'live' quality of networking events except the speaking bit this is for you. If you're keen to command 'undivided attention' when it comes to the round the table presenting, and to maximise the financial and time you've invested in marketing, invest in our only online (Skype) course.  You can enjoy the prospect of hearing the 'best you inside' when you stand up and speak! Deep down we all  know what's at the heart of our businesses -it's just a matter of acquiring the tools to present concisely and powerfully.

We can't wave a magic wand when it comes to preparing your own content but the course does include some izzy wizzy tips on what works and what doesn't!

Structure and Content:
This is a two x 90 minute session Skype-friendly one-to-one interactive course during which you will discover:

·         what speaks first
·         the most important information
·         the most important message (it's different!)
·         the 5 different approaches to keep content fresh and engaging
·         why it's not about selling
          and within 48 hrs of completing the course you'll also receive 3 unique 60 second scripts written for you!   

Nail Networking Now costs £180. Taking this course is rewarded by a repeat business bonus of £75 towards the cost of taking the full PEARL Vocal Method Core Course [valid for 12 months]. 

THE PEARL VOCAL METHOD - our core 'Sound Content' course
If you feel your speech doesn't yet reflect accurately what you are 'underneath' and your business involves a lot of live interaction  this is for you. It's to ensure you DO like the sound of your voice and begin to relish the whole adventure of presenting or contributing to meetings! It's for you if  you have a speaking engagement, series of interviews or presentations coming up. Alternatively it might be that you simply want to extend or deepen relationships in your life or embark on some kind of teaching or coaching career.  Being able to command 'undivided attention' is an invaluable life skill.  We'd love to help you articulate what's at the heart of you or/and your business/your message with impact and relevance.

Learn how one of the most important organs in your body works, apply practical tools to your own scenarios.  Rediscover your natural voice rather than sound like someone else, and hear its full adult power and range.  Embrace speaking without strategies and discover how to be Present Engaged And Really Listening ('PEARL').

This core course sets you up for speaking in any environment - unscripted or scripted, large or small, confrontational or eager with anticipation. It is always tailored to your specific needs.

Structure and Content:    This course is not available online. It involves physical contact and working in a roomy well lit environment, ideally with access to the 'big outdoors'. Comprising two half-day sessions between a week and three weeks' apart, and an hour's post course self-study, from the moment of booking you'll step into the shoes of a 'PEARL Fisher'.  Ideally, one of your sessions will be held in our pastoral training room near Newbury.  Training materials include MP3 recordings.  During the course you will discover:

  • what speaks first
  • what your 'knock' or best 'opener' is
  •  the five 'lines' of the voice and how to use them
  • what your natural voice sounds like
  • how to re-establish a balance of resonance
  • the secret weapon when faced with fear
  •  what structural re-writing is and how to use it
  • how to embrace all ages when you're communicating [even to an adult!]
  • why you don't speak as a man or a woman
  • how to structure any talk or presentation and ensure it speaks to everyone
    and you also receive a signed unique vocal poem code as part of your training!  

If you're planning on being called on to speak on TV, radio or in 'performance' role such as making a formal speech and haven't done so before (or weren't comfortable with the experience!) book our newest course!

Structure and Content:    This course is not available online. It involves physical contact and working in a roomy well lit environment, ideally with access to the 'big outdoors'. It starts with the full PEARL course above, comprising two half-day sessions between a week and three weeks apart. Additionally a 2 hr 'Media Mastery' session at the end of session two or as a third session is included.

The third session is taught by our co-creator, Chris Barltrop, who has over 35 years experience as a circus ringmaster, journalist, presenter (including with the BBC) , theatre director, actor and events host.  You will learn how to use a microphone, speak to camera and receive an MP3 recording of you 'saying a few words' to remind you how well you can deliver!  The course costs £685.

The PEARL Vocal Method is our core course and costs £575 (plus travel unless within 5 miles of Newbury, Berkshire or East Molesey, Surrey).  PEARL and MEDIA MASTERY costs an additional £100. Payment plans are available on both these courses.