Do you share our values? They give us our integrity...

As a collaborative group you'll find we value quality over quantity, 'ecocentric' over egocentric
and one to one over scatter gun.
You'll be deeply valued as an individual. Our curiosity to fulfil our unique potential while we're serving you makes for a relationship of equanimity. Discovering the 'core clarity' which preexists and underpins every enterprise means the basis we work from is founded on sound and sustainable success - yours and ours - irrespective of changing economic and personal circumstances. 

 This is the Constitution which drives our actions and service...

·         Freedom and individuality are what drives us so clients' learning is experiential. It's a shared journey which is                 also why we only offer a 50%  money back guarantee (it takes two!)

·         Live engagement feeds us so be prepared to meet up or at the least Skype!

·         'Being' rather than selling or doing is juicy so you'll only receive notice of new offerings without any spin 

·         Everything is sacred to us so you'll be treated with respect and we trust you'll want to treat us similarly 

·         We believe we are in a noble profession so you'll be delighted to reward us well and promptly for it.

·         We prioritise One to One interaction so you won't find us being concerned or absorbed by social media

·         We treat rest and Restoration as essential so you'll find us fresh - we don't train more than 2 days running