What will hold your audience's undivided attention?
It's the secret I've successfully taught for over two decades.

Captivate Audiences


I found that not only did other people listen to me but, perhaps more importantly, I learned to listen to myself.’  Belinda, Clinical Nutritionalist & Teacher

Your voice is an asset worth cultivating. Podcasts, webinars and audio-books are increasingly popular - but often individuals are put off by the sound of their own voices!

Rediscover your natural voice - free of  'umms and errs' or hesitation. Learn how to use your voice like a professional, accompanied with the captivating power of a lovable child.

Drawing on speech therapy and voice coaching tools developed and successfully used for over twenty years, I'll take you on a journey to last the rest of your life. 

Now working on a request only basis and tailoring the course to suit your needs, please call or e-mail me directly about how I can serve you best.

My last client was an artist and aspiring poet who wanted to combine voice coaching with critical appraisal and tips on her work.

Courses are always in two parts, live and start at £280 plus travel.

'There is also a major secret weapon I used which was provided by the one and only Liz Darcy Jones. Her voice and content support session was the underpinning of my confidence - without rehearsing once.'
Nora Zimerman, Website Creator & Graphic Designer, Sept '16


Commission Verse

Captivating Verse Image.jpg

She was glorious (she usually is).'
James Webster, Sabotage Review

The rhythm and rhyme of verse speaks louder than prose. It can be very powerful within business. Spoken word resonates more deeply than the written word. 

Commission a poem or song to embed your brand in the hearts of your audience or hire my voice for your conference, recording or podcasts (available to all except those in the tearooms sector).

I'd love to ensure your occasion or corporate event is unique, memorable and entertaining.

I've recently had the pleasure of being commissioned to write  a poem for a wedding honouring both bride and groom in the service!  

Commissions start from £250.

'Previous performances, radio and speaking engagements include: The Hairy Bikers, BBC 2 Jeremy Vine Show, BBC regional stations, St Ives September Festival, Beatons Tearooms (hosts all new tearoom launches), Warwick Literary Festival, Wenlock Poetry Festival and many more. 



Crystallise Your Clarity 


'As an Entrepreneur, this was one of the most useful and valuable exercises of this kind I have ever undertaken and helped greatly in establishing and crystallizing not only my core beliefs, values and focus but most importantly how that translated into my business. 

This has formed the core values which now increasingly pervade all aspects of our business, contributing to everything from our day to day operations right through to marketing and strategy.   Patrick Duffy, MD & Founder Beatons Tearooms Ltd

To act as a formal strategic 'sounding board' is a real pleasure.  My journey to becoming an NED to Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop started with delivering a strategy process - 'Core Clarity'. It's a simple but rigorous model for drilling down to the 'beneath-the-brand' essence.

I've used it with many companies, particularly when they are growing, fund-raising or shifting strategic direction.

Core Clarity is a 3-part experience over a minimum of 3 weeks  and you or your enterprise's investment will be between £600 and £975 depending on brief.

The Not-So-Small-Print: Payment plans are available for all services over £200. Sharing options are available for voice courses . Talk to me- no one is precluded from taking a course on financial grounds. 100% money back on content creation and 50% guarantee on everything else - see our values if you're wondering why!