A SEED Model Client shares their 'PEARL'

As an Entrepreneur, this was one of the most useful and valuable exercises of this kind I have ever undertaken...
— Patrick Duffy, Founder of Beatons Tearooms

Beatons Tearooms Ltd undertook The SEED Model (PEARL) exercise back in 2012. Liz was calling it 'The grit sessions' at that time. Since the Beatons' strategic 'PEARL' has become a day to day benchmark tool they've acquired the kind of brand recognition associated with much larger groups. 

Recently, as Beatons has reviewed and expanded,  a 'franchising' version has been commissioned adding an extra layer of strategic depth and strength, proving the model can adapt and grow as an enterprise realises its vision.

At Beatons, from writing a tweet, to considering the suitability of a building to house a new franchise and even in the interviewing of kitchen staff, using the 'PEARL Model prompts clarity, consistency and operational autonomy. Throughout the business it helps focus the team on what will make it thrive. Critical to the model's success is its accessibility and versatility. A compelling set of values also evolved out of the exercise. These are practically applied throughout the group - underpinning its ethos and integrity. We love working with them!

Used with permission. You can test and see for yourself how Beatons embodies its 'PEARL' by visiting www.beatonstearooms.co.uk 

Beatons  PEARL  SEED Model.jpg