Winged and Hoofed Helpers

...  you've already met the magnificent goose who flies across our header. She was photographed by sci-fi author Chet Gottfried who I discovered thanks to serendipity and Google. Kindly responding to my request to use the image, fellow author Chet is now a friend from across the Atlantic skies. Check out his beautiful bird photography here  and see what he writes here.

Why was I looking for a goose? Well, my nickname was 'Lizzie Wildgoose' as a child - I wrote a poem about snow white geese instead of attending in a maths lesson! And geese are associated with writing, vision, strength and our invisible substance. Add their V formation which allows for unobstructed views and the goose seems like a great symbol for what we're about!

My two neighbours at Wild Poplars, a farm in Berkshire (UK) where I write - have six feet between them.  'Mrs Magpie' - Viktoria - has two. She's Hungarian and we often write or create things together.



Vikie loves shiny things, has bright shiny dark eyes, and is very intelligent - like that magical bird, the magpie. See what she makes for our PEARL voice courses in the video. Vikie's rewarded in grapes, apples, lots of listening and occasionally new pens and pencils. 

Last, but by no means least, there's Hurricane the horse who I keep an eye on. You'll hear more from him in future posts. For now it's enough to know that he keeps me trim while I keep his paddock and stable clean. In return he whinnies with delight whenever I visit and provides compost for the garden. He also shares my love of freedom and wariness of constraints.

Things go best in threes... you'll meet our other three contributors later in the year.