The Three Second Secret

   We can always take 3 seconds... 

   We can always take 3 seconds... 

Recently I relinquished being part of Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop group on a day to day basis.  In fact, I've taken on a new appointment as a Non Executive Director, so I'm still in regular contact with one of my favourite clients! But at the end of our final management meeting, I left in a rush, flinging out a flurry of reminders.  

It felt all wrong. I pressed rewind and sent everyone what follows. Thanks, Zoe, for receiving your 3 seconds and using them well! Seems worth sharing as a first post on the simplicity of relaxing into a 'being content' approach... 

The Three Second Gift!

I didn't finish our meeting well
'though you were open, keen and willing
can I leave you with this smell -
one that's joyous and fulfilling?

The fragrance of right here, right now - 
beyond 'too much, no time, and how?' -
the space that lies beyond our fears
beyond the talk between our ears

The confidence of every breeze
the air that knows no stress or squeeze
it's these three seconds [count them]
here for you -
they whisper 'you are more than what you do'

It's these three seconds [breathe them]
when the air of what you are
is free to dance its dance
of Being Content -
glowing ember from some distant star

This fragrance is for you to use each day -
it smells of golden fresh mown hay
the perfume of the pause - 3 seconds which just may
turn your work from work to play.

© Liz Darcy Jones
19th July 2016