Why rhyme pays

Rhyme gets you more follows
And feels like a hoot!
Using rhyme in business -
Could be quite astute...

Why?  Well, the psychology is really simple - we associate  rhyme with being children and that means PLAY.  We like play... so we listen more intently.  Music is sound, sound speaks faster than language - so we quite possibly pick up rhyme more quickly than prose too.

Listen to the radio. Classic FM have been using rhyme consistently for the past three years, and historically firms like Audi have used verse too. There's plenty of evidence as to how effective it is if you think back to all the advertisements you really love!  For those who are as old as me, remember 'A Mars a day helps you work rest and play...' 

Rhythm? Look no further than 'A finger of fudge is just enough to give the kids a treat...'

Social Media Proof: Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop group - who I've been working with extensively since 2011 - use rhyme, rhythm and poetry. They recognise it makes content stickier, and gives their brand extra strength and distinctiveness. Each tearoom gets its own poem, and a ditty graces their monthly tea spinners too. Some branches hold poetry breakfasts and charity launch events often include some kind of specially written verse. 

In their #rhymesnocrime week in September 2015, Beatons increased their twitter followers three times more than a usual week, with more re-tweets too. All they did was to tweet in rhyme rather than in normal prose. Judging from the number of tweets that were liked it seems rhyme really can pay!

Needless to say, we love rhythm and rhyme here at Darcy Jones & Associates.

Three tips for writing cracking verse:

  • Chant it out loud. (Psst... if you can't tap out the rhythm or beat of it with the words still sounding like you'd say them, it's not right!)
  • Think of a nursery rhyme and use the same pattern.
  • Use alliteration for pithy power and punch!

So... verse is no curse
It could line your purse...  
[although Liz would add a caveat here for anyone thinking they can earn a good living through writing poetry!]

P.S. Here at DJ & A we've got a future project which will bring business and verse to Beatons tables on a regular basis as we look at ways to outlaw marketing in favour of 'being content'.