Investing in logos & websites

I've never invested properly in a logo or website before, although I've helped many clients - large and small - brand and re-brand. But when I found myself at a 'no time to waste' crossroads with a tired 'make do' business I took the giant leap of faith to invest in 'the real deal'. I didn't think I had the funds, but I found them. I didn't stint and invested in Nora Zimerman. Thank goodness.

It's the best thing I've done in years and it's already reaping rewards! 

When I've worked with clients on THEIR online presence, in terms of words, I've always started with identifying the intangible true worth of an enterprise. Then the visual and vocal identity stands the test of time and mirrors precisely what the client delivers. 

'All kinds of scribbled visual ideas...'

'All kinds of scribbled visual ideas...'

So Nora - my logo and website designer - did have a head-start. She had a 'Core Clarity' sheet which clearly articulated 'how' I delivered and what I delivered in terms of true benefits.

And of course I also had all kinds of scribbled visual ideas - few of them matching the sheet I'd so carefully crafted! However, I did know we were looking at something which had a sense of 3 circles about it.

Why we love 3 at Darcy Jones & Associates
Well, it's balanced. Think of an equilateral triangle, or the pyramids - such a strong base. And Darcy Jones & Associates is one of 3 entities me and my fiance are developing (one each and then one together). We have 3 parts to us: mind, body, heart/soul - all of which you may be surprised to learn are integral to the structure and identity of a company. I like things in threes.

Nora listened. I mean she really listened. And recorded, and played back, and made me listen to the playback.

I learned so much about my business in the process! I drilled down, clarified and drilled down some more. Nora is strict. She is the mistress of brevity when it comes to e-mails. She cuts through waffle to the key elements - both visually and in terms of content. It's what I do when it comes to language and the voice. I had found my match!

The result? The perfect logo shining out of a range of options. A suggestion of 3 rings, but open ended. The colour, that of a harvest of corn, the typefaces gracious and best of all the entire website singing with a sense of clarity and space.

To complete the process she provided a 'brand guide', key to ensure my visual identity is never misused or muddied. I feel honoured to have had a website crafted by an absolute professional with huge creative talent.

The plus is that she's now one of my co-creators and I'm one of her collaborators! This is an investment I would thoroughly recommend - especially now she offers a slightly more affordable option through The Website School.

Go on - your business deserves it! You can find Nora at