Agenda-less Networking

Live networking is having a real come back. At long last we're recognising that the magic of serendipity and synchronicity works ten times better when all our senses are engaged.

However, a lot of networking groups have a very strong 'this will get you business' agenda. Actually I've found over twenty-something years of attending networking events, that it's when I completely forget any agenda that I receive all kinds of treasure - yes, sometimes it's even business!

But often it's renewed impetus, learning something critical to a project I'm engaged with or even finding a like portrait photographer Bob Harvey-Jenner who becomes a co-creator. And the possibility of 'being there' for the group is the seed from which relationships grow.  

Clarity, Croissants and Connection at Beatons Tearooms and Bookshops!

Clarity, Croissants and Connection at Beatons Tearooms and Bookshops!

This agenda-less focus is at the heart of '3C - Clarity, Croissants & Connection - Breakfasts at Beatons' which we're launching from 26th January 2017. We're opening the field up a bit too, everyone is welcome. Not yet starting out students, retired business people, never-retired mums and grand-mums - you all have valuable experience we can appreciate and learn from.

May be you'll also find our 20 minute 'Inspiration and Education' injection useful too in giving you more clarity in how you communicate online, offline, for business or pleasure. And of course there'll be plenty of time to forge friendships in a relaxed convivial atmosphere. 

Where, when and all that?  Once a quarter at your nearest Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop from 8.30 to 9.30 am - check out our Events Page for dates.  Cost? £10 payable on the day which includes croissants or gluten-free toast and preserves and unlimited filter coffee or Beatons Brew loose-leaf tea.

How to book?  Just e-mail with 'Yes! 3C at Beatons Blandford/Tisbury/Crowthorne/Chester' as appropriate by noon the day before!