Business & Pleasure to Treasure!

On the last Friday of the famous St Ives September Festival the Library did something special. It hosted 'Tea and Cake a Fine Pair Make' - a celebration of the late Robin Jones and unknowingly created a new product for my business. It also prompted a round of applause for Beatons Tearooms & Bookshop group.  Why?    

Well, the round of applause was for Beatons' commitment to use poetry and verse as part of its brand values.  They sponsored the tea we served up, 'Beatons Brew'.  Listen to the audio!

But what Beatons didn't know, was that the little rant I had about businesses using poetry as part of their way of communicating prompted an invitation for me to perform the next day at Norway Square, the hallowed ground where poet and extraordinary St Ives' figure Bob Deveraux holds court every day of the Festival. An extra opportunity to sing their praises and share a couple more poem postcards (they're free for any customers in all their tearooms).

See how Beatons' values - demonstrated in the sponsored tea AND a poem about that tea - added pleasure to our business of enjoying the arts? See how verse also added a unique opportunity for them to deepen and expand their brand profile and presence? It works because verse adds to their business, which is about providing a restorative experience with sparkle.  It probably wouldn't work for every business. But I'm willing to bet that some aspect of the arts could be aligned to every business across the globe.

And the wonderful unexpected pleasure for me?  I've added the 50 minute entertainment as a new offering and get to share Robin's memory in the process, thanks to the  response from the audiences and from Penwith Radio who plugged and featured it (thanks for the suggestion Pat!)

Perfect as an after-lunch, dinner or during afternoon tea cabaret - mixing inspiring music, verse, tea and anecdote.  A beautiful legacy from a cake-loving composer and Captain of the Keyboard. Who knows, perhaps it might even feature at the 2017 St Ives September Festival!  Details here.

'Captain' Cake, Christmas, Composer and 'Bumble' Robin Jones

'Captain' Cake, Christmas, Composer and 'Bumble' Robin Jones