Chris Barltrop

Performance and PR

I'm Chris, Liz's partner, who helps with sound editing and who taught her the ground rules of TV and radio presenting. You can book me as an 'add on' to her voice courses!

Theatre directing is now how I most enjoy 'being content' - along with writing and performing. As a young man, I was extremely shy, but many years of radio and TV experience as a trained actor and entertainer mean I’m happy standing up in front of others or in front of a camera or microphone. Many people need that skill, but don’t know the professional tips which improve confidence when ‘talking in public’. My personal professional site is here.

Helping people be themselves when a ‘few words’ are called for gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

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Bob Harvey-Jenner Photographer

Nora Zimerman

Design, Branding and Website Coach

I'm Nora, and I've designed Liz's logo and created this website together with her. 

Discovering your inner voice and translating it into visual form is what most excites me.  I love creating visual solutions which serve you, your customers and reflect your values with unspoken synchronicity and beauty.

For me, meeting you exactly where you are on your journey, getting clear and enabling you to move forward confidently is everything. Practically, that might mean creating your logo, your overall branding or simply setting you up with a website that you can control and update yourself. See some examples  here.

Curiosity drives me and gives me insights. Truth, focus, authenticity and collaboration are essential parts of my life. 

Swimming, being in nature, dancing and parenting are particular elements which contribute to me 'being content', as well as being a Women's Temple facilitator and meditation practitioner.


Tracy Seed

Relationship Coach, Leader and more... 

I’m Tracy Seed, one of Liz’s copy-creation clients and now one of her ‘co-creators’ too! My entire career has been devoted to the mastery of communication to bring authentic connection to relationship. Today, I serve individuals, families and enterprises – creating cultures of empathy in which joy, respect, care and unity can co-exist with our increasingly time-starved, fragmented and demanding lives.

While Liz takes care of your vocal instrument, I work with what you communicate – with the relationships you want to foster, including that tricky one with yourself! For me, being content means finding an inner peace with all that you are and how you show up in the world…

[Note from Liz: I would recommend Tracy unreservedly for helping you with ANY relationship or self-development challenge, professional or personal. You will be on the receiving end of remarkable compassion and pertinent insight. Link here.]

Mick Foley

Film-maker & video-creator 

This is about the only place you’ll find anything ‘personal’ about me – I’d rather my work spoke to you in my stead! I started at BBC TV working up from runner to Producer Director, making an award winning short – ‘The Portwine Stain’ – on the way. Film-making is in my blood. Perhaps it’s because I find people endlessly fascinating. And being content for me means getting the best out of the person and location I am filming and then putting it together in a package that they are proud of.  

Liz has earmarked me for any of her clients wanting a branded video to sell your business in 60 seconds – a ‘One Minute Wonder’. I’d love to show you how it’s the Swiss Army Knife for effective marketing.  

[Note from Liz: Mick’s middle name is Modesty. Rather than listen to him, listen and look at this compelling video for a workplace massage enterprise!]

Sue Cartwright

Twitter Mastery and Sole Trader Services

I'm Sue,  who's taught Liz to use Twitter with ease,  integrity and  understanding. Discovering and sharing original insightful comment is also a consuming passion! I find myself being content when creating and delivering order through  elegant and simple processes. And by being kind - irrespective of activity... 

My fascination with social media engagement came after surmounting my fear of it! Waiting in the wings, watching and listening until I eventually felt 'brave' enough to set up my own account and post my first tweet. Find me on Linked In for now.

The past decade of turning strangers into friends into loyal advocates and customers has evolved into a transferable, precise and productive process. Empowering clients to craft their '140 characters' to reflect 'their voice', amplified by personally branded images and quotes makes my heart sing.



Bob Harvey-Jenner


It's great to be one of Liz's first choices of when it comes to photography and reflecting what makes her clients and their enterprises special through the camera lense.

Like the other collaborators, I believe websites and profile pages deserve professional content. Your head shot should make you smile, as well as speak to the viewer as if it was you in the flesh!

To me, 'being content' is about helping people discover that what they are on the inside can shine like gold on the outside. Drawing out that kind of potential has always been at the heart of what I do; from a career that started with social work, then being in the music business with Ronnie Scott (among others), and now in my life as a portrait photographer. Words pale against a great shot - visit my Life Through A Lense website here.