Fresh Content No 3: Enjoy!

'It is through listening that you become a true human...'
Being & Vibration by Joseph Rael


Picture Credit: Liz Darcy Jones

Picture Credit: Liz Darcy Jones


The Beauty of Constraints

James Clear - a photographer and inspiring blogger too - prompted this, thank you. And a seven-legged spider too - not sure how to thank him or her! 

Inspirational: 3 mins

Picture Credit: Ashleigh Cadet

Picture Credit: Ashleigh Cadet

The Secret of the Seductive Voice

It's surprising.  It's not about being grown up at all! 

Voice:  3 mins

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Cadet

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Cadet

Is Anger an Essential Part of  Grieving.

Terror attacks, the Grenfell Tower fire and now deluge and devastation in Texas. Does loss have to make us angry too?

Thought-provoking:  5 minutes

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