The Third and Final 'Fresh Content': Enjoy!

'It is through listening that you become a true human...'
Being & Vibration by Joseph Rael

My verse comes from hearing you, the land, animals, my own cries in the dark.  It belongs to everyone not just people on an e-mail list. The stats show more than half don't even get this far, so thank you for clicking through this one last time!

 I'm in the process of creating Wild Poplars Radio - a place where anyone can access all my work - for free - and subscribe if they want to. 

I would be utterly delighted if you chose to visit Wild Poplars and stay there awhile...

The freedom of constraints

 Picture Credit: Liz Darcy Jones

Picture Credit: Liz Darcy Jones

James Clear, photographer and inspiring blogger, prompted this - thank you. Along with  a seven-legged spider, although I'm not sure how to thank him or her! 

Inspirational: 6 mins


 Picture Credit: Ashleigh Cadet

Picture Credit: Ashleigh Cadet

The secret of the seductive voice

It's surprising.  It's not about being grown up at all! 

Voice:  5 mins

 Photo Credit: Liz Darcy Jones

Photo Credit: Liz Darcy Jones

Is anger essential to grieving?

Grief  - many have had reason to feel it this year. But is it really anger we're feeling?

Thought-provoking:  6 mins