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'It is through listening that you become a true human...'
Being & Vibration by Joseph Rael

The underlying theme is 'Spring Cleaning'! To give ourselves and our projects space to grow, part of 'Being Content' is seeing what's really there and questioning whether it's essential. Sound like hard work? The truth is quite the reverse. Roll up your sleeves, relax and listen!  

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

Picture Credit: Wikipedia


No Regrets - Kiss the Postman!

They dog us, nag us, floor us - that's regrets for you! But do they also hold something precious too?  How long should you let them linger around for?  And what's the million dollar question which answers how you can avoid them?

Motivational: 10 mins

Picture Credit: Dreamstime

Picture Credit: Dreamstime

Be a Teenager and Wake Up Your Audience!

What will stop an audience switching off, or even worse dropping off? Hmm...  And how many gears do you need to keep your talk or presentation on the road? Can being a teenager again add value to your business communication? [Yes!]

Voice:  11 mins

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Cadet

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Cadet

When story-telling is the worst strategy...

Once upon a time...   [pause] Perhaps story-telling isn't all its cracked up to be in business. This podcast flies in the face of some of today's great marketeers. Ah, but we're not talking marketing, we're looking at the real business of delivery and what's stopping you...

Strategic:  12 minutes

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