There's a popular TED Talk by  Morgan Spurlock in which global companies are asked to describe their brand. They fail miserably! It would be funny unless you knew how much they paid brand agencies to create them...  Forget brand, think underlying substance.

Can you tell me what the 'intangible assets' of your business are? They form your brand - the essence of your business. Once you know what they are and the unique way or 'how' you deliver, you've got your foundation. You ensure you attract the customers for your enterprise to flourish.

Creating 'Core Clarity' is what I've helped clients get clear about for over twenty years - from multi-million pound companies floating on the stock exchange to individuals just launching out on their own.  I now call it The SEED* Model (previously The Pearl Model). You don't need a brand agency - just a wordsmith, focus and a simple metaphor to make your enterprise come to life.

The three 'Core Clarity' sessions in which these definitions comes to light are rigorous and relevant. You take ownership of every word! Using a powerful metaphor your intangible assets are embedded in the fabric of your business -  because we all love a good story.  The right words - your words - can maximise your connection with with customers, prospects, staff and suppliers. 

Establishing 'Core Clarity' gives you  and your enterprise gravitas.  Why don't you get your Core Clarity in place today?


Benefits of getting Core Clarity: 

  • Consistency -  you have the language 'brand guidelines' to ensure all communication reflects you enterprise precisely 
  • Savings in time and money - less time, hassle and money when negotiating with designers or PR agencies because you already have your 'core content' identified. Briefing becomes a swift and easy task.
  • A benchmark for action - every element of your enterprise can be aligned to what and how it delivers - 'Essentialism*' in practice'
  • Transparency with stakeholders - what your vales are and why, and how you put them into practice are visible from the outset
  • Operational ease/efficiency - use it when recruiting, briefing external consultants, in product development and monitoring service standards quickly and effectively
  • Protection from risk - by measuring whether new initiatives are in line with your core clarity even if you change markets or offerings
  • Identifying vital resources - ensure your business is resourced properly by ensure you invest in nurturing you intangible assets 

*Essentialism is the title of Greg McKeowan's book,  my book of 2016.  An  indispensable aid in ensuring what's important actually gets done!

When your intangible worth becomes visible you’re visible. Marketing and profile polishing become redundant, you attract those who resonate with what you’re really all about. And the confidence that brings means you’re entirely present for every one you encounter.

What's involved? 
Heads up, it's a messy process... like life. The butterfly's cocoon has its mush, the tree a stage where it looks much like a deformed skull and the pearl has its grit. But there's no denying that what emerges is an unmistakable kind of butterfly, tree or pearl.

We enjoy three half day sessions together. Surprise and intuition play their part. You'll learn a lot about yourself and your enterprise in the process and the process is fun. We'll laugh, get frustrated, dig deeper than you can imagine and engage all our senses in gentle but powerful ways. In between sessions I'll start distilling what we've discovered onto paper.  

By the end your enterprise will have gained it's 'Core Clarity'. You'll have a completed SEED* Model, including  a 'why we exist' statement and strap-line. You'll also have unearthed the pivotal stories which 'underlie the why' of what you do.

The result looks like a 2-3 page PDF.  In reality the experience and SEED Model when applied - will focus thinking, feeling and action in the exact direction you want your business to go. That means economic, uncompromising and powerful growth from a unified and calm place. 

*SEED stands for Self-Evidence Essence Defined - but Core Clarity's easier to remember!

What are the prerequisites?

A sense of humour, an open mind and bags of honesty.  Have a good night's sleep before and after, wear comfy shoes, be well nourished [healthy snacks and drinks are provided] and leave any notions of right or wrong outside the gate...  [My writer's retreat on a farm outside Newbury, Berkshire provides a perfect 'away day' location conducive to the process.

If sounds good but you have some questions, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone, e-mail or book a Skype chat with me.