We ask you to answer 3 questions before you've even become a client because it's a gift to both of us.  It goes a remarkably long way in three short steps to ensuring your content is  relevant, resonates with your audience and reflects you  precisely - whether it's in 40 seconds or an entire website.

‘Even the beginning of our conversation and me reading your website has helped me a little this afternoon with writing a section...’
— Charlotte Kessler ~

Are you ready? 

1.        What do you deliver?  Not the services but perceptions, feelings and sense of well-being  e.g. gracious hospitality, power...

2.        How do you deliver? e.g. graciously, swiftly etc - vital to differentiating you or your entity and attracting the clients you want

3.        Why precisely do you need this copy?  [aside from wanting impeccable clarity from a professional!] What does it need to achieve?

 ...  if you're unsure of your answers, let's talk about how we can give you some clarity before we start drafting, or consider our  Core Clarity service.

How do we charge?
We like simplicity and having the freedom to take as long as it takes to do a good job. Less takes longer to write than more!
      150 word profile   [that's about a paragraph] - £120
      20 - 250 words       [from a sentence to about half a page] - £150
     251 - 600 words   
  [up to about a page A4] - £240
     Press Release          [please note we do not distribute] - £250

Presentations, articles and website pages are quoted for on a client by client basis. As always, projects over £200 can be paid in via a payment plan.  PEARL and Core Clarity clients only pay half the charges above no matter how many times they use us!  

 This service is MADE for you if:

  • you appreciate the value in answering the 3 questions above!
  • you're prepared to dig out the best material and information from which we can work
  • you're open to discover more about you or your enterprise's intangible wealth

This service ISN'T for you if:

  • you want just want someone to write something quickly for you
  • you're only focused on how cheap a job you can get
  • your marketing strategy talks up your target clients' fears - this runs counter to our values 

What's the process?
We start with a meeting, phone or Skype conversation to see what's involved and ask the 3 Qs! Then we'll send you a brief scope, which, when signed, also becomes our contract. It will list materials/resources we need, word count, format and time-frame. On receiving back confirmation and a 50% deposit, we'll start weaving with words. How much time we spend is our business ! You'll receive 2 drafts (3rd is final). Further drafting incurs further cost. Delivery is by e-mail in a word document, unless otherwise agreed. Then it's yours to use and of course adapt and use again and again...