We work from the clear blue skies of 'being content' so you can spread your wings. Then clarity sings!

Creating impeccable impeccable content, voice coaching and getting 'beneath the brand' to convey your enterprise's true worth makes my life hum. It's what I've done for twenty-two years. If you're self-employed or run a small business and long to see and hear your business communicate what it's really all about - in a compelling way - why not have a chat?

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Content isn't just stuff - it's a feeling. It's the taste of being everything you can be in this moment. It's speaking freely with your natural voice - and liking what you hear. Being content means you're fully present because you're crystal clear about what you are. Practically, it means people 'get you' from the outset - online, offline, in words or just your smile...

Not sure what your 'true content' sounds like or how to come up with the words to match it? We help you do that so you attract exactly those who need your services.

UK based, we work  in ways which ignite insight, using the magic of metaphors to make the process creative and liberating.

‘Liz has an uncanny ability to guide you past your bad habits and your fears and take you to a place where communication is the most natural thing in the world. And it is all the more powerful for that.’

James Blackledge, The Writer’s Guild